People deserve a place where their passions and goals are supported day in and day out. At OPEX Mantua you will have your own personal coach who designs your workouts and nutrition plan that align with your deepest priorities so that you can reach the goals that are most important to you!


Where Personal Training Meets Group Fitness Environment


Through ongoing communication with the coach, clients will address the effects of sleep, recovery, nutrition, and schedule on the long-term goal. By constantly aligning with priorities, coaches lead clients towards self-discovery.


One size does not fit all. Everyone is different. Your coach will design your own personal nutritional plan based on your goals. Coaches also provide clients with education around nutrition and guidelines to maximize performance and pursuit of goals.


The purpose of the Assessment is to determine YOUR starting point so that your coach can set you up for long-term success. Everyone is different and it is vital to the success of each client that your coach starts you where you currently are.

Program Design

After a thorough understanding of your movement patterns, fitness background, lifestyle factors and priorities, and what you are looking to achieve, your coach designs a completely individualized program.

Monthly Consults

YOUR coach is dedicated to YOUR success! You will have monthly consults with YOUR coach to discuss new goals, upgrade YOUR nutrition and exercise prescription based on your goals and priorities. YOUR coach will be there every step of the way!